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2014 Best Short Documentary, NYC Independent Film Festival

2015 Best Short Documentary, Garden State Film Festival

Documentary Film, 56 Minutes

Producers: TELEDUCTION/Hearts and Minds Film

Director: Sharon Baker

Producer and Editor: Daniel R. Collins


Ed Asner is one of the most celebrated actors of his generation, delighting audiences of all ages, from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Lou Elf and Up. But he's also an activist who refuses to budge on his ideals, regardless of what anyone thinks. Ed has spent his celebrated life on the front lines of the fight for justice and in support of the rights of the artist, sometimes at great personal cost. Now approaching his 85th birthday, he's still at it, raising his voice and pissing off his detractors...all to the delight of the legions of people who know him simply as 'friend'. A funny and poignant exploration of the notion of 'hero' versus 'celebrity' and the role of this artist as activist.

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