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Documentary Film, 104 Minutes (2017)

Producers: Dan Collins Media/VRC Films

Directors: Daniel R. Collins, Josh Hisle

Editor: Daniel R. Collins

Distributor: Vision Films

Official Website


The premiere documentary from VRC Films, From War to Wisdom is an unflinching look into the lives of veterans both on and off the battlefield. It takes the viewer on a beautiful and terrible journey, from war to wisdom.

This is not an anti-war or pro-war film, it distills the experiences of combat veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars - from the violence of engagement to the challenges faced when coming home - into a mosaic of horror and hope, of tragedy and triumph. You'll ride with them into combat, you'll witness their return to a civilian world that no longer makes sense, and you'll see how they not only survive a war but try to change the world for the better. 

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