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2006 Premiere: Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival

Documentary Film, 60 Minutes

Producers: TELEDUCTION/Hearts and Minds Film

Director: Sharon Baker

Producer and Editor: Daniel R. Collins

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Estamos Aquí reveals the humanity behind the headlines of one of the most important issues facing the United States in its history. The story of one community in a changing nation, this poignant documentary film explores the evolving social, political and economic landscape of Georgetown, DE. This traditionally white community is home to the largest poultry-producing county in the nation, and is in need of a growing labor force. As the United States experiences the largest immigration wave in its history, this rural farming community becomes home to thousands of predominantly Guatemalan immigrants, fleeing from the aftermath of a brutal civil war and escalating poverty in their homeland in search of opportunity and employment. Their struggles, and those of the community at large, shed light on the challenges facing millions of Latin Americans who have come to this country in search of the "American Dream". An intimate portrait develops: of a close-knit community united by faith, endurance, and hope for the future. While lawmakers argue over immigration reform, "Minutemen" patrol the Mexican border, and the nation struggles with its new identity, millions of documented and undocumented immigrants alike raise their voices to relate one undeniable truth: ¡Estamos Aquí! (We are here!)

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